Top 3 Unicorn Dating Sites to Find Local Unicorn

If you are a bi-curious man or woman, the best place to find other bisexual singles and couples is through online dating sites. These apps are popular platforms used to meet bisexuals for hookups, threesomes, and even someone to love.

What is Unicorn dating?

Unicorn dating involves a couple, preferably not a heterosexual one seeking a female or male to be their unicorn. This kind of arrangement has some rules and expectations that ensure the unicorn's place as the boyfriend/ girlfriend to the couple to avoid causing problems in the relationship. The unicorn has to interact with not just one but both parts of the couple to make the triad a success.

If you are sure about unicorn dating and have talked about it with your partner, the following are the top unicorn dating sites to help any couple looking for a unicorn.


Popular as the world's number one unicorn dating site, this source is perfect for a unicorn couple hunter, and for someone fervent to be a unicorn. This site has many registered accounts, and as it is open to all types of experiences and relationships; it gives unicorn hunters a wide scope to choose from. Should you want more options for your account as either a unicorn or a hunter, there is a paid membership option that opens up several resources such as chat and webcam functions.


This site is perfect for meeting open-minded singles and couples for hookups and more. For a couple looking for unicorn dating, this site offers features to facilitate all types of sexual needs and ultimate intimacy in the triad. The site is perfect for bisexual passion and romance lovers, thus the perfect place to find a local unicorn. If you want to have a threesome dating experience, you can find a local unicorn here without worrying about compromising your relationship.

3. is a top casual dating site to meet local unicorns for bi-curious couples. It is the perfect site for hooking up with local partners, and for bisexual couples to meet local swingers. The website encourages friends with benefits type of relationships, swinging, hookups, and threesomes with privacy assured.

Dating online isn't as easy for bisexuals, mostly because most of the dating apps lack many users and assured privacy and safety, and they aren't easy to use. If you want to make your unicorn fantasy a reality, these apps help you find local unicorns.